Masques congolais

After 3 years finally finalized! Clip on Congolese Masks

It is always like that! If you show your pale MUZUNGU-nose on Congolese streets, there are always people following you, trying to sell some exquisite handmade artwork. On various occasions they offered us such tasteful objects as a wastebasket made of an elephant foot or a fly swap made of a rhino-weenie. But these sage sellers learn fast what their wealthy customers appreciate. In our case, it was handcrafted masks.

One day I was tired of refusing all these great opportunities- and suggested a deal. I won't buy, but I would pay small cash to make a photo. That suggestion was widely accepted and only a few days later, we found our domicile besieged by crowds of mask-sellers every noon, when we got home for lunch.

My dear collegues already made fun of me, if I would ever be able to tell the masks I had already photographed from new ones. And that came to be a huge problem, as you will see in the film. If you still find a doubled mask, let me know!